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Ontario’s Incredible Greenbelt. Ark survival evolved dodorex tamable Melanie Laurent. To je jen náhoda. Naopak jsem přes ní přišel k tomu týpkovi z Drop the Mic. Předtím mi ten název přece nic neříkal. Náhoda/spojitost je to, že jsem tu show sledoval nedávno, a ted vím, o čem Cara mluvila. - The closer you look, the less you see - Lex Lutor (žádná náhodná spojitost) - Targeted deception (píšu uvod) - Magic - Tricks you are about to see may not seem connected. But we assure you, they are - Jsem věděl, že ty informace chtějí z nějakého duvodu. Tak proč mě nenapadlo, co je smyslem filmu? Protože jsem čekal něco víc - Ale pořád jsme jen v pulce. A je to celkem nuda - Jsou na něj domluvený, 5 milionu - If you buy into it. The eye are the keepers of real magic - To mě napadlo, uvést magii – a falešný antikristy, do tohoto světa, což se ale OTEVŘENĚ v reálu zatím neděje. Není tu žádná agitka magie a zázraku – to až později - Must follow a series of commands with blind obedience - They only take new ppl twice a century (jaká to pocta) - It doesnt make any sense (I researcher) and I dont think logic will solve this for us - I believe that some things are only discovered if you take certain leaps () - Luck of the draw. Like choosing random card frm the desk - Razzle-dazzle - Hard to read - Let me make myself perfectly clear to you - Faith can move mountains - Deception designed to delight, to entertain, to inspire (opět magic) - Its about belief, faith, trust - Without these qualities, magic, as an art form, would no longer exist - But what happens if these qualities are not used for their higher purpose? And instead they are used to cheat, lie (like a program). For personal gain or for greed - Taky sour leap of faith (you need to trust me) - Incredibele and dedicated audience - Unfortunately, like all good things, it must come to an END - All we wanted was to bring the world to a magic show - And therby bring a little magic back to the world - This has been ane HELL of s ride for all of us - Time to disappear. Thank you for believing in us - A sucker is born every minute - The legend is that the Eye is everywhere - The Eye isnt real - Blinded by your ego that convinced yourself that you were one step ahead. ME has prepared and approved a new subsidy title to support EEEA and local Agendas 21 for the State Environmental Fund of CR, which was incorporated under point 10 in the programs supported by SEF CR, The program permitted obtaining of support through investment and noninvestment means for municipalities and NGOs. In addition, SEF CR supported projects in the Sun into Schools program for the third year. Honor roll for kindergarten Ark survival evolved dodorex tamable Ark survival evolved dodorex tamable Ark survival evolved dodorex tamable Ark survival evolved dodorex tamable
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