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Un partenariat avec l'Association CRESUS. Jasmine aubert covington la police I witness ambulansyang de paap I witness ambulansyang de paap Le service ORIZEA des caisses de retraite complémentaire Agirc-Arrco vous aide à évaluer vos besoins, vous conseille sur. I witness ambulansyang de paap I witness ambulansyang de paap I witness ambulansyang de paap 28.66185 77.22769 9 Delhi Junction station ( Old Delhi or Purani Dilli ) ( M 2: Chandni Chowk station. There is an entrance just outside at the east end of the station and also just over the main road outside (last metro at about 11:30). If taking an Auto Rickshaw from here, the prepaid desk will often try and charge you as much as three times the actual price quoted on the official price guide displayed clearly in their window - bargaining is sadly often cheaper. ). (code DLI ).Huge and confusing. 28.64255 77.22115 10 New Delhi station ( in Central Delhi. Pre-paid taxi booth run by Delhi Police. If you are arriving at the station, and want to take a taxi, head to the Delhi Police pre-paid taxi booth. Unfortunately, this booth is at the extreme far north end (about 50 m from the station main exit) of the taxi parking and you will encounter touts claiming to provide prepaid taxi; just ignore them and find the pre-paid taxi booth run by the Delhi Police which are safe and least expensive. - Metro exits are at the Ajmeri Gate (second entrance) side near platform 16. You can also take prepaid rickshaws and taxis from the plaza outside the main entrance. M2: New Delhi ). (code NDLS ) is located just outside of Paharganj, also known as the backpacker ghetto. - It will take about 40 min-1 hr to travel from the New Delhi Railway Station to the airport by car, depending on traffic, a taxi fare cost you about ₨ 400. - A tourist ticket office called the International Tourist Bureau is open during office hours upstairs of, but still within, the main New Delhi railway station (on the side away from the metro, near platform 1). Note that it is only for foreign tourists, so you must have a tourist visa (i.e. student and working visas are not acceptable). Non-resident Indians can also book their tickets through this office. Passport will be requested. Even the visa number is needed. The also accept debit/credit from Visa/Mastercard. They also accept RuPay cards (which is an Indian way of payment). To get a ticket, first go to the centre of the room and get numbers for the reservation and information desks, as well as a form to fill out. Then line up at one of the two u-shaped lines of chairs, fill out the form, and prepare for a protracted wait. When your information number is called, have the clerk check the availability of the train(s) you desire and answer any questions you have about the form. Then wait for your reservation number to be called. Note that by the time you get to the reservation desk, your train may no longer be available, in which case you can try to reserve a different one. If you need a bathroom during this lengthy process, there is a relatively clean male and female toilet just outside on the verandah through the side door (the door you didn't enter through). - The station is large, crowded, confusing and packed with touts. Allow one hour to find your train the first time you visit. Don't trust the electronic display boards, which often show incorrect information. Instead listen to the announcements and ask multiple people in uniform (policemen) until you find your train. Open from 06:00 to 23:00 ( updated Oct 2016 ) 28.58844 77.25414 11 Hazrat Nizamuddin station , Harsha Rd, Nizamuddin East, ( A few kilometres to the south. Bus 261, 306 to the Sarai Kale Khan Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) on the ring road and then walk over to the station (400 m). ). (code NZM ). Many trains heading south. It's the least chaotic of the Big Three , but still pretty big and poorly signposted; listen to the announcements to figure out your train. The station has a pretty good food court that sells inexpensive, hygienic takeaway snacks including sandwiches and samosas. 28.65278 77.31452 12 Anand Vihar Terminal ( East, near Ghaziabad - Delhi Border. M 3:Anand Vihar, just opposite to Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Terminal (ISBT) ). (code ANVT ) Repeatedly delayed, the station finally opened in December 2009 and will gradually take over all east-bound services. 28.66314 77.18612 13 Delhi Sarai Rohilla station , Railway Officers Colony, ( M: Shastri Nagar, or bus 71, 89 ). 28.61402 77.1151 14 Delhi Cantonment station ( Bus 518, 545, 588 to Delhi Cantt stop ). Ticket office ( on the road to Connaught Place with longer hours ). It often has waiting times not much longer than at the tourist booking office. You will need to know the number or name of the train you want to take.
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