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Kusari gama fighting fish Kusari gama fighting fish Watching Dead Alive aka Braindead you’d find it hard to believe that the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson made this. But it’s true! Before Orcs and Hobbits Peter Jackson was a lover of all things zombies and horror. After Peter Jackson’s success with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, many turned to look at his past work and thus Braindead received a cult following years after it’s release. Set in the cheery 1950s in New Zealand, we follow Lionel, a Mama’s boy who has to care for his overbearing mother. Everything changes when Lionel falls head-over-heels in love with a girl. While trying to stop them, his mother gets bitten by a Sumatran rat monkey and becomes a zombie. Eventually the mother starts infecting everyone in the town and Lionel must stop them! Braindead is actually considered to be one of the goriest films of all time. It takes what Ash did in Evil Dead and multiplies it by 1,000. Only instead of a chainsaw Lionel wields a lawnmower. Braindead is a rare film that gives you side-splitting laughs while also being so gut-wrenchingly nauseating that it’s hard to watch. It’s sugar-sweet 1950s setting juxtaposed with the absolutely disgusting visuals makes for one unique and awesome movie that you need to see! If you can stomach it… –Caroline Madden. Kusari gama fighting fish Kusari gama fighting fish Scream is not quite the conventional horror movie. In fact, it is an intelligent deconstruction of generic slasher clichés and it is perhaps the first of its kind. Unfortunately, the film has fallen prey to the clutches of popular culture. The blood-curdling mask that is the choice of the murderous Ghostface has become little more than a token outfit for Halloween, causing some to question its place as a ‘cult’ movie. Regardless, I find that Scream is still one of the greatest horrors of recent times, largely due to the fact that it defies common terror tropes and instead pulls these apart, piece by piece, thereby making it a wonderfully biting piece of satire. The protagonist herself, Sydney Prescott, is a brilliant reversal of the typical female featured in horror. Rather than falling into the usual traps; such as simply being a virgin and making the mistake of wandering around in isolated areas, Sydney manages to avoid this, which prevents her from becoming a stereotype and presents her as much more of a developed character, making it possible for us to empathise with her and so setting up a concept that is often rarely explored in mainstream horror movies; the presence of an enjoyable character. Another of the reasons as to why Scream is so refreshingly innovative is due to its self-awareness, it knows that it could easily fall short and end up as a feeble attempt at something new but it works with this, by skilfully managing to escape the possibility that it could try too hard to be intelligent. Instead, the satire that underlies throughout the film is subtle and all the more effective for it. As a final result, Scream serves as a near perfect example of how to successfully and single-handedly revive the horror genre.-Hannah Ryan. Hotel action plan samples Another genre-bending effort from Cult Director Don Coscarelli that follows in line with his previously celebrated films Phantasm and Bubba Ho-Tep, John Dies At The End is based on a novel by David Wong that focuses on the bizarre, comically violent and often surreal journey of David Wong a young slacker with psychic powers. Kusari gama fighting fish
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