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Duck Canyon – Peru This narrow mountain dirt road skirts along the edge of the ‘Canyon del Pato’, with tunnels, overhangs and trucks that take up the whole road, making for some exciting riding. Racing lawn mower for sale Back from the break and out first comes WWE United States Champion John Cena to a pop. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are out next with a promo. They say they’re like unicorns because they have brought magic to WWE. They also take shots at the Dallas Cowboys. Bubba Ray Dudley starts off with Kofi Kingston and unloads. Bubba with the splash. Bubba with right hands and a big elbow to drop Kofi. Devon tags in for some double teaming. We go to commercial with The New Day regrouping at ringside. Racing lawn mower for sale Racing lawn mower for sale Maxence rigaut motocross racing Racing lawn mower for sale Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The only thing saving this from “Thumbs Down” is that Ryback lost. Otherwise, Kalisto and the U.S. title should be doing better things and Ryback should be stuck at home @ tweeting “sick burns” to CM Punk’s Twitter and stop wasting the time of everyone else. Racing lawn mower for sale
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