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13 Immunology in Germany - Clinical Research Research on infectious and inflammatory diseases dominates the scientific landscape in Germany, followed by the fields of hematology-oncology, allergy, immunodeficiency and transplantation. On the basis of the response to the questionnaire survey, the following graphic shows the distribution of research strongholds in Germany. Within the scope of the survey, it was possible for individual institutions to provide multiple responses. As expected, a wide range of clinical topics is covered at the major locations (e.g. Munich, Berlin, Mainz, Bonn and Erlangen) whilst small sites (e.g. Bochum and Borstel) focus on selected clinical topics. Special Fields in Immunological Research Aachen Berlin Bochum Bonn Borstel Braunschweig Dortmund Dresden Dummerstorf Düsseldorf Erlangen Essen Frankfurt a.m. Freiburg Freising Gießen Göttingen Greifswald Insel Riems Halle (Saale) Hamburg Hanover Heidelberg Homburg Jena Kiel Cologne Konstanz Langen Leipzig Lübeck Magdeburg Mainz Mannheim Marburg Munich Münster Neuherberg Regensburg Rheinbach Rostock Stuttgart Tübingen Ulm Witten Würzburg The length of the graphical bars indicates the number of institutions or departments in the region working within the specialized field. Legend: Inflammatory diseases 12 Infection diseases Hermatologyoncology Allergy Immunodeficiency Transplantation Other. Ramsgate garden centre aquatics adventure 15 Immunology for Everyone - New Website Immunology for Everyone is an initiative of the DGfI to inform the general public, students, teachers and professionals, as well as patients, about the function and disorders of the immune system and current immunological research and education in Germany. Screenshots of the website offer insights into the wide-ranging theme Immunology in Germany. The new website de is part of the Immunology for Everyone initiative of the DGfI. With its attractive interface and user-friendly navigation, it will assure a quick journey through all fields of immunology. Once finished, the web platform will provide information about the immune system, cross references and contact data for the following target groups: The interested public can learn about the body s immune system and its role in keeping the body healthy; the booklet Your Amazing Immune System with an easily comprehensive description of the immune system and attractive pictures can be downloaded for free or purchased in hard-copy on the website. Everyone interested in immunology research can find a comprehensive collection of all immunology research groups at German institutions through a nationwide overview map. Highlights of current cutting-edge immunology research Click on through! 14 in Germany are presented in an easily understandable way in the News section. Prospective undergraduate and graduate students can locate bachelor, master and doctoral programs with immunology as part of their curriculum (including a list of addresses and contacts) through a nationwide overview map. Teachers at all levels can download training material for classroom and lab teaching and set-up in school-presentations by immunologists Patients can read about diseases of the immune system and find contacts of clinical experts at German universities and hospitals. Journalists can find contact persons for all questions about immunological issues. Take a peek behind the scenes of immunological research and education in Germany. Ramsgate garden centre aquatics adventure Ramsgate garden centre aquatics adventure Ramsgate garden centre aquatics adventure Défis Nature - Afrique -. Byrd rescue 2 knife fighting Ramsgate garden centre aquatics adventure
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