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Inside attica correctional facility In one incident on Nov. 29, 2012, Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots at the car of an unarmed black couple, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, killing them. More than 100 officers had set off after the couple in a high-speed chase after their car backfired and police mistook the sound for gunshots. Martinez has submitted this item to the City Council as an 85A agenda item: Continue reading → Rts oko ivica dacic na Rts oko ivica dacic na Rts oko ivica dacic na Anyway, my favorite episode in the book is the first, eponymous one, where Plato visits the Googleplex in Mountain View. While eating lunch in one of the many free cafeterias, Plato is cornered by a somewhat self-important, dreadlocked coder named Marcus, who tries to convince Plato that Google PageRank has finally solved the problem agonized over in the Republic , of how to define justice. By using the Internet, we can simply crowd-source the answer, Marcus declares: get millions of people to render moral judgments on every conceivable question, and also moral judgments on each other’s judgments. Then declare those judgments the most morally reliable, that are judged the most reliable by the people who are themselves the most morally reliable. The circularity, as usual, is broken by taking the principal eigenvector of the graph of moral judgments (Goldstein doesn’t have Marcus put it that way, but it’s what she means). Rts oko ivica dacic na Rts oko ivica dacic na
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